Leon Weinstein “Capitalism 101”



“I was lucky to live a truly fascinating life under different social structures. I was even luckier to escape from the Soviet Union after I came to the conclusion that socialism, in any form, leads to stagnation and degradation. I came to hate central planning, redistribution of wealth, and especially the huge, all-powerful state taking care of the small, insignificant me. I now know why socialism never works, and why capitalism works time after time—without government interference. I also understand why weak people like the idea of socialism, but the reality is very different from what they envisioned.

Personally I want to be in charge of my life, make my own decisions, and be free and do what makes me happy. And I want my children and grandchildren to be as free and as happy as I am. In short, I want to live in the U.S. of A and would hate to see it “fundamentally changed.”

And so I am dedicating this book to my newly adopted homeland. God bless this wonderful country of ours! God bless America!”

Leon Weinstein

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