Leon Weinstein “Looking for Hugh”


Gulliver and Alice, Dorothy and the Little Prince traveled the world and we, while enjoying interesting stories, also learned lots of important things that help us to understand the world around us. I hope that Nick’s travels across the Thousand Islands Empire will help you, my dear readers, to understand the world around you a little better, and maybe a little better to understand ourselves.

“Looking for Hugh” is, of course, a story about a boy who rushed to find and save his best friend. However, it is also a story about the changes that took place in Nick during his quest. And I really hope this is also a story about the changes that will occur in you when you close the last page of this story. Nick himself did not realize that he had changed until the very last moment.

Perhaps you will not notice these changes as well. But they will happen. This is just as true an ability to jump over a high fence when you are very frightened and running from danger. This is as true as a broken clock that is correct twice a day. This is as true as the thin and delicate growth of greenery breaks down any asphalt or concrete pavement. In short, the changes will occur. And your life will be more difficult from this moment. To read “Looking for Hugh” in a way is like taking a blue pill instead of a red one.

Leon Weinstein

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